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Razer launches two new products to help streamers with the Kiyo X and the Ripsaw X

by: John -
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If you're into streaming, Razer has some new products for you that can help take your streaming game to the next level.

First up we have the Kiyo X, which a USB webcam. This webcam can record at 1080P at 30FPS or 720P at 60FPS. You get to decide if you want a higher resolution at a slower frame rate or lower resolution with ultra smooth frame rate.

The Kiyo X also features autofocus to keep you clear to your viewers. The clip design allows you to place it on top of your monitor and Razer will even throw in a ring light to light your face up. You can grab the Kiyo X right now for $79.99, which isn't a bad price for a webcam with those features.

But what if you already have a nice camera and want to use it as a webcam? No problem with Razer's Ripsaw X USB capture card. The Ripsaw X can capture up to 4K at 30FPS and the low latency of the capture can allow you to monitor stream at real time.

On one end is the USB-A connector while the other end features an HDMI 2.0 connector. The plug and play nature of the Ripsaw X ensures you'll be able to get up and running without too much trouble.

Those interested in the Ripsaw X can grab one for $139.99.