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Chess meets Bomberman in Chessplosion

by: Russell -
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I first played chess over thirty years ago at a young age. While I consider myself decent considering it's a game of strategy (generally not a genre I'm good at) I've never been great. Maybe if I had some sort of advantage such as making the pieces explode and taking out other pieces. Sounds farfetched but that's where Chessplosion comes in.

Chessplosion is essentially Chess meets Bomberman where you drop chess piece-shaped bombs and create chain reactions of explosions.  Looking at the trailer the explosions occur in the spaces that particular piece could move, so explosions from a bishop will be along its diagonals while a King's explosions are in the eight adjacent squares. The game includes a few different modes including Adventure Mode, Puzzle Mode, Survival Mode, and Battle Mode, the latter in which you can play with up to three other players in local and online multiplayer.

Chessplosion is available now on Steam.