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Cool off your PlayStation 5's SSD with the be quiet! MC1 M.2 SSD Cooler

by: John -
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The cooler you keep your SSD, the better and longer it will last and for those looking to upgrade the PlayStation 5's storage, be quiet! has a nice accessory for you.

The MC1 M.2 SSD Cooler is a heatsink designed to keep your PlayStation 5's extra storage at a nicer temperature. The MC1 is able to be used with both single and double sided M.2 drives and will lower the temperature of the SSD when in use.

You don't have to pick it up just for your PlayStation 5. You can also use it in your PC setup if you want to a cooler for your computer's storage. For those on the computer, you can opt for the MC1 M.2 Pro version which features a heatpipe to help conduct the heat throughout the heatsink. The Pro version won't fit inside the PlayStation 5 however.

You can pick up the MC1 M.2 SSD Cooler now for $12.90 from stores like Newegg.