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The full HTC Vive Pro 2 set is now available for pre-order

by: John -
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The HTC VIVE Pro 2 is the follow up to one of the high end VR HMDs out there and when we first reviewed it, you could only get the headset itself. If you needed the lighthouses or controllers, you had to order them separately. Now, you can pre-order an entire setup for $1399.

The HTC Vive Pro 2 full kit comes with two 2.0 lighthouses and two VIVE wand controllers. When HTC sent us the review unit to test out, that's pretty much what was included.

Mid October is the time frame on when the full kit will start shipping.

For those not familiar with the VIVE Pro 2, this HMD boasts a resolution of 2.5K per eye with panels capable of a 120Hz refresh rate allowing for high fidelity, smooth VR gaming. It's currently the highest resolution panel for consumer VR headsets and I had a good experience in using it.

The design is still the same as the HTC VIVE Pro and for those who have or experienced it, you'll know it's a pretty comfortable design.

So if you're new to VR and need a complete setup for outside-in tracking with lighthouses, the HTC VIVE Pro 2 full kit is one that you should consider.