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Eric checks out the first thirty minutes of I Am Fish

by: Eric -
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A bunch of fun new stuff dropped onto Game Pass for PC today, including Bossa Studios' amazing-looking new action game I Am Fish. With a half-hour of free time today after lunch, I decided to jump into I Am Fish and check out its vibrant, Pixar-like world.

My first impressions are as follows: 

  • Wow, I Am Fish is really good looking.
  • Wow, I Am Fish is really hard.
  • Wow, I Am Fish is constantly changing up the gameplay in cool and interesting ways.

I'm afraid that the video contains a few bursts of profanity, and I Am Fish's attractive and kid-friendly veneer hides a blistering level of die-a-lot difficulty. Check it out:

Still not quite sure what is going on with that weird living bread, or what impact it has on the fish that love to gobble it down. I'll play a little further and report back with my findings.

I Am Fish is now available on Xbox consoles, PC, and Xbox Game Pass. Well worth a look for those that enjoy a fun challenge.