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Football Manager release date is set

by: Rob -
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Football Manager, the series, is part video game, part full time obsession, part religion. At least for some. As the new European seasons are already upon us, it beckons the impending release of the seminal football management sim. The wait is winding down and the day has finally been set for Football Manager 2022's release - November 9th for PC, Mac, and Xbox systems. Football Manager will be a Day One release on Xbox Games Pass. PC users will play the full game while console users will get access to the FM22 Xbox Edition, but both are included in the pass. 

Football Manager 2022 will be available via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store. There will also be a Nintendo Switch version of Football Manager Touch, the scaled-down version of the game, coming soon; but other than the announcement that it will be a thing, no further details are offered at this time. Same with Football Manager Mobile, and even more scaled down version for iOS and Android, available on their respective app stores and also out Nov. 9. Pre-orders for PC are on now with a 10% discount and a chance to get started ahead of the crowd with Early Access. So pre-orders will be bale to get started roughly two weeks before the official November 9th release.