Eric checks out Dice Legacy on Amazon Luna

by: Eric -
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I've been meaning to check in on Amazon Luna lately, and I've wanted to check out Dice Legacy, the new survival strategy game from DESTINYbit, so when I discovered that the later is currently streaming on the former, I got excited and jumped right in.

Unfortunately, my commentary did not record with the gameplay (as GN's Randy Kalista always says, "Audio is hard"). So you can't hear me howling "What is going on here?" into the mic for the first ten minutes while I figure out the controls and the flow of the game. Just know that at the beginning of this video, I was struggling. But before long, I figured out the controls and how to place my dice/peasants on the various hubs in my world to put them to work collecting resources and reproducing.

Basically, every die represents a peasant, and depending on what you roll, that the job that peasant can do. Once the peasant has done that job for a while, they become "exhausted", and you have to roll them again to see what their next job will be. This element of randomness makes for some interesting strategic choices as you try to keep the whole gang alive and thriving on Dice Legacy's fun curved world. 

Take a look, and maybe skip ahead a few minutes to where I start to get the hang of things:

On a technical note, Dice Legacy ran perfectly on Amazon Luna. The tech continues to impress. I sit maybe 20 yards from my router, and there was nary a hiccup or pixelization to be seen for the entire 40 minutes I played. 

Dice Legacy is now available on Luna, PC, and Nintendo Switch.