Insomniac Games is branching out on super heroes with the tease for Marvel's Wolverine

by: John -
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Another iconic super hero is being turned into a video game by Insomniac Games. Today, Marvel's Wolverine was teased and while we didn't get much info nor when the game's slated for release, we did get the iconic snikt of the claws being released from Wolverine's fist.

The teaser has the claws coming out between the knuckles, which is more inline with the movies instead of the back of the fist like in the comics. It's a quick teaser, but it's great to see that Insomniac is trying their hand at another super hero. If it's anything like how well made the Spider-Man games are, we're in for a treat. Let's hope they don't tone down how savage Wolverine can truly be.