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Venom looks to be the big bad of Marvel's Spider-Man 2

by: John -
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Marvel's Spider-Man and Miles Morales were two great takes on the web crawlers from Insomniac Games. It wasn't a shock that they'd be working on a sequel and today, that was revealed to the world.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will see a team up of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales and from the looks of it, Venom will be the main bad guy for this game. While watching the reveal, we all thought it would be Kraven the Hunter from the voice, but we got another one of Spidey's infamous enemies to go against.

The trailer gives me some co-op vibes to it so if we're able to team up with a friend to swing through New York and fight crime, that would be great! If not, well, it still looks damn good.

We've got a while though as the game doesn't come out until 2023, but the tease sure has a lot of people excited.