There is a non-combat option for every encounter in D&D's The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

by: Randy -
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But if you're "just" a player and not a DM, don't let that stop you from seeing this intriguing and informative video. The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is a tabletop (not video game) role playing game setting and adventure set in the incomparable world of Dungeons & Dragons. 

This is the first time the Feywild (the Plane of Faerie) is being brought to the D&D 5th Edition (5e) series. It's a sourcebook that's been put off and put off, time and time again, in favor of other projects. Projects like Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus (grim), and Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frost Maiden (grim), and Curse of Strahd (grim). But The Wild Beyond the Witchlight? They can't stop themselves from using the word "whimsy" every other paragraph to describe what's in store. 

I'm for it. And as a dungeon master, I'm wildly uncertain if I could ever incorporate such a product into any campaign of mine. Because I'm a coward. Any game that's going to boldly weave the roller coaster from the '80s D&D cartoon, plus crazy characters that I owned as action figures when I was a child that knew nothing else about D&D. Check out the Warduke refresh in this video. Dude is dope. I thought he was dope when he was clearly a dork back in the '80s with only one leg with leg armor.

You can begin on a campaign world of your choice, since the traveling Witchlight Carnival makes the rounds to everywhere every eight years. (Which is incidentally juuuust about how long D&D 5e will have been out.) There are two new character backgrounds: The Feylost for characters that grew up in the Feywild, and the Witchlight Hand for characters that work the Witchlight Carnival. And there are two new races: play as a fairy or as a harengon, a race of humanoid rabbits. Which I think is appropriate since you'll certainly have to see how far down the rabbit hole goes in this adventure. And my favorite concept is that all encounters in the adventure include a non-combat option. That's awesome. I mean, I love rolling natural 20s and adding up critical-hit damage as much as the next person. But a no-kill run sounds amazing.

The hardcover will be $49.95, though I'll be getting it electronically on D&D Beyond, which shaves a chunk off that price. It'll release September 21. And it's an adventure for characters levels 1-8.