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Atari VCS positions itself as a cloud gaming device

by: Eric -
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So, what's going on with the Atari VCS, you're wondering. How is the launch for the long gestating system going? What's the word on new games coming to the console?

Well, we've got news for you. Turns out that Atari wants everyone to be aware that the Atari VCS can be used to access every cloud gaming platform right from the VCS dashboard. All of 'em; Google Stadia, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Amazon Luna, and GeForce Now. You can play them all right on your TV with the Atari VCS.

And how does the Atari VCS accomplish this bold feat? It's a PC! Turns out that the Atari VCS has Chrome baked right into its system, so you can just hop online any old time you want and play your favorite games on any streaming service. According to a recent press release, "These major cloud game services offer numerous AAA titles from a wide variety of publishers and further extend the broad range of retro to modern games playable on the Atari VCS." Okay.

“The Atari VCS team is thrilled to deliver all of the leading cloud gaming services to our users at one time and in one place,” said Michael Arzt, Atari COO of Atari VCS and Connected Devices in a provided statement. “Many fans have been accessing these services on their own and asking for direct links for some time now. We actively strive to satisfy their various requests and will continue to add more exciting new features as we keep moving the VCS platform forward.”

I'm not saying that we should start pounding nails into the coffin of the VCS quite yet, but "you can play other (struggling?) platforms on our platform" doesn't seem like the strongest sales pitch to me. For more info on the Atari VCS, visit the official website here.