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Do a bunch of menial tasks for your jerk king when King's Helper releases next May

by: Eric -
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Baked Games, the maker of the surprisingly beloved Prison Simulator, today announced that it is working on a new game called King's Helper. Scheduled to release in May 2022, Kings Helper looks as though it uses rather nice graphics and a series of minigames to allow players to perform menial tasks for a very demanding and kind of jerky king.

The trailer starts with the king murdering your predecessor and finishes with the king cavorting in a hot tub full of "concubines", but in between the king has the player doing stuff like shelving books, sharpening axes, and cutting meat. Why do I have to do this stuff? Doesn't the king have people for this?

Here is a list of features from Steam:

- King's unusual orders
- Influences and connections
- Side missions
- Medieval atmosphere
- Castles and manors
- giving orders

"King's unusual orders?" What does that mean? Is he going to be having me strangling cats in his bedroom while he goes to sleep? This king feels unstable. Interested slaves...I mean, helpers...can wishlist King's Helper here on Steam.