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I absolutely love the art style in new roguelike deckbuilder Void Tyrant

by: Eric -
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Void Tyrant has been bouncing around for a while in the mobile space, where it has seen a fair amount of success. The game is an appealing and accessible deck builder - thing Slay the Spire, but in space, with awesome animated graphics.

Today, the game comes - fully rebuilt - to PC, bringing with it a bunch of quality of life and accessibility features. But most importantly, it is bringing its clean, bold art style. Take a look at this trailer:

I don't know why I find the artwork in Void Tyrant so appealing. Something about the clean lines and super simplified UI just really appeals to me. It feels both classic and modern at the same time, with cards that are uncluttered and cool. Beyond that, I've got nothing. I just like it.

In a provided statement, Stefan Åhlin, Founder of Quite Fresh Games, said "I'm really thrilled to get Void Tyrant out to PC players. Fans have been requesting a desktop version for a long time, and the game was always a good fit for the format, so it made sense to take it there. There's also been a ton of improvements for this version, so I'm excited for what new players will get to experience for the first time."

Void Tyrant launches today on PC via Steam, retailing for $9.99.