Indie Horror Game 'Dying: 1983' Revealed as PS5 Timed Exclusive in New Trailer

by: Henry -
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2PGames recently announced the upcoming release of Dying: 1983, a new first-person horror adventure that will come to the PS5 in 2022 as a timed exclusive title. Players will explore a series of rooms in a surreal world to solve the mystery behind its puzzles. Similarly to the previous chapter of this franchise, Dying: Reborn, a mysterious fish-headed creature and more horrible monsters will follow your steps to dissuade you.

The Chinese studio revealed a new gameplay trailer at Gamescom 2021, where they also revealed the main voices of the official cast for Dying: 1983: Miyuki Sawashiro (Fatal Frame IV, Catherine, Danganronpa) and Shunsuke Takeuchi (NEO: TWEWY, Genshin Impact, Danganronpa), two renowned actors with a lot of experience in dubbing anime and video games.

Here are some key features about the game:

  • Explore the surreal prison where you’ve been detained and solve thousands of interconnected puzzles to unveil the hidden truth.
  • Feel like the main character of a horror movie thanks to cutting edge game visuals, now enhanced with immersive ray-traced reflections, shadows, caustics, and global illumination. NEKCOM Entertainment is also introducing NVIDIA DLSS technology.
  • Delve into a chilling mystery that will trap you from the beginning to the end, with a script text five times longer than in the first game of the DYING series.
  • Enjoy the acting of a Japanese cast full of professional voices that makes each character unique -- and, sometimes, really terrifying!

For more information, watch the announcement trailer below: