Clid the Snail blasts onto PlayStations at the end of the month

by: Rob -
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Who ever thought a snail could ooze this much personality? I really like the look and style here with Clid the Snail, but I have some concerns about the color palette and camera angles. You've got a gang of outcasts, and arsenal of weapons and shells and puzzles to sort out but some of those screens seem a little too same-same in the visuals to pick out friend from foe in what appears to be some pretty tight quarters with a zoomed in angle. However, this one did win Best Game at the Playstation Talents and is a first party Sony Interactive title of which the publisher is keen to push exactly what sets this game apart, namely:

  • Help Clid find his place in a hostile world while solving puzzles and wiping every enemy on the screen in this top-down shooter
  • Unlock different weapons and combine them to create havoc along the way
  • Enjoy Clid and Belu's love and hate relationship through their funny, witty dialogues
  • Unlock mysteries in this fable about being an outcast and find out who Clid really is

Clid the Snail launches on PS4 and PS5 August 31st for $19.99.