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Death Stranding Director's Cut reminds you that you can't beat Kojima at his own game of crazy

by: Randy -
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Death Stranding is nuts. You almost don't even have to play the game to know that much about it. There's this guy from The Walking Dead that has an unhealthy obsession with wackadoodle sunshades and making faces in the bathroom mirror; he's packing a thumbs-up baby in a jar on his chest; apparently he's the last U.S. Postal Service delivery guy in Iceland, judging by the landscape. There are beached wales, craterous explosions, a baller indie pop soundtrack, and so many package deliveries it'd make Amazon employees organize to form a union.

It's a lot. I'm not going to lie. I fell in and out of love with that game over so many dozens of hours that I don't know if I should've pushed that 9.5 up to a 10, or pushed that 9.5 down to a 5. Just kidding. It's more of a 10.

So, maybe you've seen some streams and some gameplay videos. Maybe you have played some of Death Stranding yourself and the game just didn't do it for you. If it was because the intentionally tedious environmental traversal turned you off? Well, the Death Stranding Director's Cut has new features to remedy some of that.

Dude gets a jetpack now. There's even a Buddy Bot that will give you a breather while it carries you and your load for you. If you don't like sucking at guns, there are training grounds so you can get good at dude's entire arsenal. If that's your thing. You can boss rush the big bads, too. Fight them again and again. If that's your thing. There are eight new tracks (the soundtrack is so good already). There are new tallboy energy drinks. New missions yo. And the new missions are way more Metal Gear stealthy and urban than any before it. Again, if that's your thing. There are even jump ramps you can pull off sick stunts with, and race tracks fully equipped with leaderboards.

I'm not saying these things wouldn't be fun. Especially if you've gritted your teeth through an entire playthrough the old fashioned way. And maybe it'll convince the unconvinced that the hard-won rewards of tediously trekking one step at a time through Kojima Land will be worth it now—if you just let them Tony Hawk a motorbike off a jump ramp once in a while. 

If it's something that brings more people into this completely zany title's world, then I'm all for it. Play how you wanna play, player. 

Get this bundle of insanity on September 24. You have one month to prepare. But it won't be enough.