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Seagate announce some new Xbox storage devices

by: John -
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Hot on the heels of the announcement for the release date of Halo Infinite, Seagate will be releasing some new hard drives to give you the space to store your games.

There's the Game Drive Hub for the Xbox which is a large 8TB of space for storing your games. On the front has a USB-C and a USB-A port with a green LED that runs down the lower third to highlight the drive. $219.99 is what you can expect to spend for gobs of space.

If you don't need 8TB of space, there's the Game Drive for Xbox that comes in 4TB and 2TB configurations. It's smaller than the Game Drive Hub but still has that green LED. There are no USB connectors on this one as it's strictly a storage drive. $124.99 is what the 4TB costs and $92.49 is what the 2TB one will sell for.

Finally, if you want a Halo themed one, there's the Game Box Drive Halo Infinite that comes in a 5TB and 2TB configuration. Just like the Game Drive for Xbox, the Halo Infinite version features an LED, but this one is adjustable to various colors and the case is features a Master Chief like design. $169.99 will be the cost of the 5TB version while the 2TB version will run you $99.99.

A quick note is that if you plan on using these on your Xbox Series X|S, you won't be able to install next gen games on it as it won't have the read and write speeds. For that, you'll need Seagate's PCIE GEN4 NVME storage option. Still, if you have a lot of previous gen games you want to be able to install or move some games to it to be pulled back onto the main storage later, these are some good options for you.

Level Up and Play in Style with Seagate’s New Lineup of Game Drives for Xbox

FREMONT, CA – August 25, 2021 – Seagate Technology Holdings plc (NASDAQ: STX), a world leader in data storage solutions, today announced the new Game Drive Hub for Xbox, Game Drive for Xbox, and Game Drive for Xbox - Halo Infinite Special Edition (SE), taking the company’s popular line of storage for gamers to the next level. Built for Xbox gamers demanding peak game storage capacity for today’s most advanced games, these new external hard drives are designed to work with Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Xbox One, and are compatible with Game Pass.

With minimalist and elegant looks, Game Drive for Xbox and Game Drive Hub for Xbox feature Xbox green LED lighting that complements the modern generation of gaming consoles. Game Drive for Xbox is lightweight in design, making it easy for gamers to take their whole library on-the-go. While both drives are connected and powered with high-speed USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB 3.0), Game Drive for Xbox does not need a separate power cord, making it easy for gamers to play from anywhere1. Both drives are easily installed through Xbox OS in under two minutes so gamers can launch into action.

Complementing the design of the new Xbox console, Game Drive Hub for Xbox can stand vertically or horizontally, giving gamers flexibility in the layout of their battlestations. Game Drive Hub for Xbox also features front-facing USB-C and USB-A ports , and a versatile compact form factor so gamers can connect and power other gaming peripherals in one place. With up to 8TB of capacity, Game Drive Hub for Xbox builds the ultimate game vault without sacrificing titles.

Game Drive for Xbox is also available as a collectable for Halo fans. Celebrating the release of the next widely anticipated launch of Halo Infinite, the collectable drive is specially designed by Seagate, Xbox, and 343 Industries. Tagged with exclusive artwork inspired by Halo and the iconic hero Master Chief’s aesthetic, and packed with customizable LEDs, the officially licensed Game Drive for Xbox – Halo Infinite SE is a visual showcase beside the console of any die-hard Halo fan.

The three new drives include three-years of Rescue Data Recovery Services™ and a one-year limited warranty2 giving gamers peace of mind. With shipments starting this month, Seagate’s Game Drive for Xbox is available in capacities of 2TB (US$92.49) and 4TB (US$124.99), Game Drive Hub for Xbox is available in an 8TB (US$219.99) capacity, and Game Drive for Xbox – Halo Infinite SE is available in capacities of 2TB (US$99.99) and 5TB (US$169.99).