Hoa makes me so sick of impossibly beautiful puzzle-platformers

by: Randy -
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No, Hoa is not your Homeowners Association, walking around documenting homes with two weeds growing in the front lawn or a shade of house trim that's one shade off the approved color palette. Hoa is instead the next sidescrolling platformer to make me hit pause and say wow.

I mean, you'd think it couldn't be done anymore—the wowing me part. Every month it feels like The Most Beautiful 2D Platformer Ever arrives and makes me wish I loved puzzle-platformers more. Yet Hoa is just impossibly beautiful in form and depth and wonder and beauty. 

Hoa launched August 24 on Nintendo Switch. I don't have a Switch. This trailer makes me feel like a complete screwup because of that. Just watch this meditative jump between daisy petals and leisurely stroll along a googly-eyed spider's web—and don't worry about that Karen/Chad reporting you on that old Ford buried in blackberry bushes in your side yard.