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Guardians of the Galaxy will launch with NVIDIA RTX features

by: John -
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One of the games that seems to be gaining a lot of traction is Guardians of the Galaxy. Ever since it was announced, I've been hearing more and more good things about it. And today, those who play on the PC with a RTX card got some more good news.

When the game launches on October 26th, Guardians of the Galaxy will have both ray-traced reflections and DLSS support out of the box. That's great as that'll make the game not only look better, but also run better on higher resolutions as well.

Ray-traced reflections can really make a game look much better as titles like Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Control, and Cyberpunk 2077 shows. And with Guardians getting that feature as well, I expect some really cool environments to take advantage of the technology.