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Guard yer booty when Plunder Panic launches mid September

by: Scott -
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On August 11, indie newcomer Will Winn Games officially announced the release date for its pirate-themed multiplayer battlefest title, Plunder Panic — headed to PC via Steam on September 17, 2021 and consoles in Q1 2022.

The game pits two rival pirate crews of six against each other in a head-to-head battle reminiscent of a Smash Brothers or Brawlhalla. The game features multiple modes, a variety of weapons, enchanted items, unique power-ups, modifiers, and customizable team configurations. It features online play as well as couch co-op with various objectives to achieve a win. 

Plunder Panic is balanced for both casual pick-up games with asymmetrical teams like 5 vs. 4 or tournament-style teams like 3 vs. 3 up to 6 vs. 6. It includes multiple game modes like Free Play, Tournament, Conquest (where you have to complete each objective to win the game), and an “All Captains” mode where each crew fights to the death! Additional modifiers and items allow for even more customizable play.