Carrier Command 2 is a lo-fi RTS flight sim to relax/study to

by: Randy -
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Carrier Command 2 [official website], sequel to 1988's Carrier Command, launched today on Steam. And I've gotta tell you, I wasn't expecting such a visually striking flight sim to utterly capture my imagination today, but here I stand.

Carrier Command 2 is real-time strategy, putting you in command of a futuristic carrier that's able to launch an array of aircraft and amphibious units. Both PvE and PvP modes are available. But just look at these dope '80s-font interfaces. Look at the wonderfully gut-wrenching clash of polygonal and pixelated art styles. I love the baby blue and safety yellow color scheme, the blinding-white contrails, and even the digitized mud splattering on the tanky ground vehicles. This game is legit the Lo-Fi Beats to Relax/Study To of flight simulators.

What a way to straddle the last 33 years of a franchise that largely went nowhere and no one was expecting to come back with. Good job, MicroProse. I, for one, have been impressed with MicroProse's silent (maybe too silent) resurrection.

Carrier Command 2, whose good looks far outstrip its mundane name, launched today on Steam.