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Amplitude showcases the scale of Humankind its latest video

by: Carter -
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One week from today, Humankind will be at the control of our fingertips. Ahead of the August 17 launch, the developers released a new trailer to showcase Humankind's scale, including 60 different historical cultures that you can combine to create over 1,000,000 different final combinations.

Here are a few highlights:

- 129 unique units

- 10 different biomes

- 45 species of animals

- 93 technologies

Your avatar also offers a ton of customization potential; you can choose from over 122 tailored costumes as they voice their approval or disapproval from over 10,000 voiced lines in-game. The choices you make in the 150 narrative events will further diversify you and your civilization from your competition, particularly in 10-person multiplayer.

Humankind is available for pre-order on PC & Stadia. The game will now also be available for Microsoft Xbox Game Pass from August 17.