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Co-op Fling to the Finish begins Early Access August 23

by: Elliot -
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In Fling to the Finish two players race through an obstacle course while being tethered by a stretchy elastic rope. It certainly looks like a test of communication with your partner. You’ll even be able to play using a single controller. Online and local races, as well as solo play and “party-focused fun” are a few of the game modes. “The developers designed every obstacle to force you to use the rope in new ways, so every second is filled with new surprises and memorable moments. The race track even evolves to challenge you as you play, making every race a nail-biter. You never know what weird obstacle you'll find next.”

Fling to the Finish will start out in Early Access with 12 levels, 4 game modes, 12 playable characters, with developer SplitSide Games saying new content like additional levels, abilities, characters, skins and even game modes will be added during the Early Access phase via regular updates. Early Access begins August 23.