Six months free Apple TV+ for PS5 owners

by: Rob -
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So this news actually dropped about a week ago, but I finally got around to getting mine so I thought it worthwhile to make sure you knew you could get yours too. Apple is offering 6 free months of Apple TV+ for anyone who owns a Playstation 5. All you have to do is download the Apple TV+ app from the Media section of the console, and log in with your Apple ID, or create a new one if you don't already have one. The free months get applies right to your Apple ID account, so you can enjoy the premium Apple programming anywhere - mobile, iPad, laptop, not just on the PS5. 

I jumped straight in and watched episode 2 from season 2 of Ted Lasso myself. Seriously, even if you don't have a PS5 I think Apple TV+ is worth a subscription just for Ted Lasso and Mythic Quest alone. You can binge season 1 and 2 of Mythic Quest and season 1 of Ted Lasso straightaway, and new episode of Ted Lasso are coming every Friday. 20 Emmy nominations don't lie, Ted Lasso was easily the best thing to come out of the Pandemic. There's a few other quality shows I've yet to even checkout like Wolfwalkers and For All Mankind, and Foundation premieres next month. So get on board the Apple TV+ train while the getting is good. Even if you smash through everything you want in a month or two, it'll be the best 5 or 10 bucks you'll have spent in a while, and all the better for free with that PS5 deal.