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August Stadia Pro games announced - all trailers

by: Eric -
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It's that time of the month - the time when we all gather around and judge the free games our various memberships and subscriptions dole out to keep us entertained for the next month. In keeping with tradition, Stadia today announced the games that you can pick up in August with a Pro account. 

It Came from Space & Ate Our Brains

Epistory: Typing Chronicles



Killer Queen Black

Valkyria Chronicles 4


In other news, Control Ultimate Edition is now available on Stadia for $39.99 (totally worth it if you don't already have it). And this weekend brings a Double Free Play Weekend, with Marvel's Avengers and Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 free to play from 9am PT July 29 through 9am PT August 2. Now go play that Avengers campaign. I promise you it's worth it.