Dead Space returns with a next-gen remake

by: Rob -
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Dead Space is one of the scariest and best horror experiences you can have, on any medium. It is a seminal entry into the gaming horror genre and it is such a work of art it transcends simply gaming itself. Some of my most vivid gaming memories of my decades of play time are sitting alone with the lights off late into the night hearing the nechromorphs scratch at the walls as I inched down one blood soaked hall into another lit only by the flickering of neon that created more shadow than light. It stirred up a dread in equal measure with strategic combat sequences and action packed set pieces and is a crowning achievement of what sci-fi horror should be, and nailed all this 13 years ago on hardware that is now two generations old. 

Dead Space is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. 

This remake is being built completely from the ground up for PC and next gen systems in the Frostbite engine. Next-gen visuals, next-gen audio... I can't wait to hear those talons scratch inside my headphones connected to my PS5 and let those shadows dance under ray tracing on a 4k screen. Let's do this.