The Long Gate to land on the Switch by the end of the month

by: Rob -
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Taking me right back to my university days studying computer science, The Long Gate is introducing a proper game around circuit-based puzzles. Touring the caverns and ancient machinery of the game world rewards players with freedom to explore and takeout the challenges in the order they wish to unlock the secrets of the Long Gate. 

The game's key features are defined by the press release:

  • Challenging puzzles - cryptic puzzles built around digital, analog and quantum circuits
  • Open exploration - players can explore the caverns and complete puzzles in almost any order they choose
  • Underground Oasis - The caverns of The Long Gate are full of wonder and nature, providing a contrasting setting to the machine-based circuit puzzles
  • Stunning soundtrack - The Long Gate features a beautiful original soundtrack by musician Nicholas Newman

The Long Gate releases on Switch July 29th. It's already available for PC on Steam with many positive reviews.