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Move over Harry Potter, Trigger Witch is gunning for you

by: Elliot -
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Want to play something that looks like an old school Zelda game, but plays like Enter the Gungeon? Trigger Witch might be up your alley. If you thought a witches best tool was her wand then you’ve never seen one wield a blowtorch. Trigger Witch coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Wednesday, July 28th, followed by Nintendo Switch on Thursday, July 29th. Trigger Witch tells the tale of Colette, a student at the Stock Academy for Witchcraft and Triggery (actual copy in case you were wondering). When her realm is invaded, she becomes the only one with enough firepower to restore peace to her world.

“Venture forth on an adventure through a mystical open world where firearms have replaced the realm’s magic. As you shoot your way across the land, discover new guns and upgrade your firepower as foes become stronger. You will meet a variety of peculiar and relatable characters who will entertain you with witty dialogue and sometimes ask you for help. Take a break from the pulse-pounding action to solve environmental puzzles in mysterious dungeons and think your way around difficult obstacles. Trigger Witch also supports drop-in local co-op, so a friend can join your session to help fend off the hordes of monsters at any time!”