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The insane-good Banner Saga Trilogy makes Epic Games Store debut at stupid-low price

by: Randy -
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The Banner Saga trilogy began over seven years ago. To this day, I mark it as the best adventure/tactical strategy/Oregon Trail-alike ever written. I reviewed this Viking fantasy apocalypse trilogy over the course of five years. The first game: 8.8. The second game: 8.0. The third game: 8.8. If I had to review them again today, they'd all be in the 9's. I couldn't have known how much of a slow-burn appreciation I'd build up for The Banner Saga over the years—and that's over and above how hyped I was at the time.

But anyway, The Banner Saga trilogy, while having been out on Steam since 2014, has made its Epic Games Store debut today, July 21, 2021. And the -70% discount is hard to ignore. $14.99 for a game that has an MSRP of $49.99? That's cheaper than you could've ever bought them anywhere else before. Not dissing anybody. I'm just trying to save you a buck or two, my dude.

Give it a look if you want to see the most beautiful apocalypse you've ever seen. And also if you're cool with biting your nails when the strategy gets tough, and your refugee caravan starts getting awful thin. There were plenty of times when I wasn't even sure I was going to make it to see the end of the world.