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It's a Battlefield extravaganza this month from Prime Gaming

by: Eric -
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If you aren't engaged in Prime Gaming, you should probably give it a look. Just like Epic Games Store flips players a bunch of freebies every month, Prime Gaming does the same, but with far less fanfare. Most people that have Amazon Prime seem to be utterly unaware of Prime Gaming, or its former incarnation Twitch Prime. Prime gaming gives players five or six games a month - and a ton of in-game content for various online games - which are free to keep forever. 

This month seems to be particularly epic (no pun intended there), as Prime Gaming is giving players licenses to Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. 

Now, I hear ya that you don't want another storefront / gaming ecosystem to mess with. But free is free, and if you aren't collecting these things, you are missing out on an entire new place to pile games into your backlog. Prime members can now claim one free game code redeemable on PC via Origin for the Battlefield 1 Standard edition by visiting this link, and claim one free game code for the Battlefield V Standard edition beginning on August 2.

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