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Dream Engines is Factorio in a monster movie

by: Randy -
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A survival city builder. In Dream Engines: Nomad Cities, you build, automate, and defend a flying city. You are to survive in a "wacky, nightmare-infested, postapocalyptic world full of strange science and dreams."

Suncrash studios certainly has its isometric Factorio look down pat. Maybe a little more grim. Maybe a little more cartoonish. You little crossbow-wielding robo guy at times leaves the confines of its machine-laden city to go and shoot a bunch at swarms of enemies. 

Then you get to bust out a top-down grid, tacking together rails that carry whatsits to whosits that build more thingamajigs. It looks like you're in a perpetually dark Frankenstein landscape, and it sounds like Dracula could jump out and vont to suck your blood at any moment of gameplay. 

Dream Engines: Nomad Cities is out now on Epic Games early access. Fight back the They Are Billions hordes. Fly off! Then land in a new spot to do it all again.