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Leave the city behind and start fresh with Harvest Days

by: Elliot -
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Job got you down? Ever dream of a simpler life? Dropping everything and moving out to the country? Enough is enough - it’s time for a change, and Harvest Days wants to help you do just that. “Pack up everything you can carry and head out to the country for that new beginning. Take over a small, forgotten farm and become one with nature. Care for the animals, tend to your garden, then harvest and share your fruits. With hard work, you’ll be rewarded with a farmer’s paradise to call your own.”


  • Become a farmer! Grow fruits and veg, look after animals and sell your produce to the locals.
  • Get the most out of your free time! Go fishing at the lake, chat with your neighbors or take your horse for a ride through scenic, wild environments. Never forget to put relaxation on the agenda.
  • Explore an open game world! Discover natural caves full of minerals, a ruined and mystical temple, a mysterious swamp bubbling with secrets and far more.
  • Develop your relationship with the locals! Become part of the village community and make new friends.
    Buy, sell and trade! Sell what your farm provides, invest the profits and watch your paradise grow day by day.
  • Gather and build! The world of Harvest Days is rich with resources. Gather wood, stone, minerals, gems and even magic mushrooms to produce tools, meals and mystery items.
  • Catch a ride! Don’t wear your legs to the bone, or your horse’s - pick the right vehicle for the job. Harvest just a little too bountiful for one farmer? Invest in some heavy hardware to do the job..
  • Every farm is unique! Develop your new home as you see fit, make choices without pressure and focus on what makes you smile.

    You can currently add Harvest Days to your wish list on Steam, a release date is "coming soon".