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Triversal aim to have you think and relax at the same time

by: Elliot -
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Triversal is a puzzle game that boasts requiring you to use your brain, while also serving as a way to relax, and by the looks of the trailer it may be able to do just that. The point of the game is to place the glowing orb over the black hole by connecting it to stretchy tethers in just the right way. Challenges become progressively more difficult and levels more complex and additional modifiers. The neon look sound effects, paired with what sounds like a pretty chill soundtrack mellow out the game. Triversal recently won the Silver Award In PC Puzzle Games at the 2021 NYX Game Awards.

Key Features: 

  • A Gentle Workout: Like a mellow hike along a lakeside, Triversal will stimulate those brain muscles while relaxing the soul, providing a challenging exercise for the mind and a soothing experience that will melt the stress away.
  • Compatible With Most Control Inputs: Whether you prefer a classic keyboard + mouse combo or a gamepad, Triversal has options for days, including full controller support, touch, and even remote play on tv, phone, or tablet. 
  • Ask the Audience: For content creators who stream games, nothing is more embarrassing than getting stuck on a particularly difficult section. Luckily, Triversal offers the “Streamer Assist feature”, an optional overlay that adds numbered labels to the puzzles, allowing viewers to play along in chat by suggesting solutions.
  • A Different Kind of Challenge: With multiple modes of play available, including Puzzle Pack, Daily Puzzle, Endurance, and Sandbox, players can dictate exactly what kind of experience they want to enjoy.

Triversal is available on Steam right now.