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Powerwash Simulator adds Challenge Mode in new update

by: Eric -
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There are a lot of "simulator" games on the market - Construction Simulator, Bus Simulator, some simulator game where you tear apart retired freight ships for scrap - but not many of them are published by Square Enix.

But Powerwash Simulator is. Not only that, but Powerwash Simulator has amassed over 3000 Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam. Seems like people really like washing fake stuff with a fake powerwasher. Who am I to judge?

Check out this great trailer, and you might be ready to sign up to powerwash stuff too:

Developer FuturLab today released the first content update for Powerwash Simulator, adding a new "Challenge Mode", some additional cleaning jobs, and some community requested quality of life changes - which, I kid you not, include the ability to crouch to "get to those hard to reach places". 

According to a recent press release, "For players looking for a little more pressure, new 'Challenge Mode' invites you to fight grime in different scenarios; by washing against the clock in Time Challenge or testing your accuracy by using as little water as possible in Water Challenge. 

"POWERWASH SIMULATOR can offer something for everyone, which is why we created 'Challenge Mode'," commented Lead Designer Dan Chequer. "With the deliberate exclusion of limits and time pressures in Career Mode, the new separate Challenge Mode evolved naturally to offer a light bit of competition for those who want it."

There you have it friends. Powerwash Simulator. Square Enix. Who knew?