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The cheapest game on the PlayStation Store - Lizard Lady vs the Cats

by: Eric -
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For this week's episode of The Gaming Nexus show, the team took on a quest to find and play the cheapest game at our local GameStop. Failing in that mission, I resorted to finding the cheapest game on the PlayStation Store. After scrolling through endless pages of free-to-play games, I found it: Lizard Lady vs the Cats.

Developed by The Voices Games Ltd, Lizard Lady vs the Cats retails at full price for a whopping $.49, which is so cheap that I will go ahead and recommend it, regardless of how weird it is. And it is super, super weird.

Following a seemingly terrifying event where the "cat gang" slaughtered puppies for no reason, Lizard Lady decides to go on a rampage and "murder them all". It's all in this following stream. And when I say "all", I mean "all". I beat Lizard Lady vs the Cats in under nine minutes, and I was just dorking around. 

Lizard Lady walks around with unbending legs like a Barbie doll, popping off shots at enemies with her sometimes-silent gun, and jumping high into the air with terrifying ease. There isn't much to the levels, beyond a brief maze filled with glitchy enemies, but you know, it costs fifty cents. What do you want for fifty cents? You can't even get a pack of gum for fifty cents anymore.

A bit of Googling reveals that the mind behind Lizard Lady vs. the Cats is a guy named Matthew Green, who has released five games in 2021, presumably to cater to trophy hunters (and probably for fun, as well). It's good work if you can get it. 

We'll be digging into The Voices Games a little deeper on future episodes of The Gaming Nexus Podcast, but for now, at least you know that Lizard Lady is out there, protecting the puppies of the world from cat rampages.