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Skydrift Infinity flies onto consoles July 29

by: Elliot -
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Skydrift Infinity is an upcoming, “action-packed arcade game focusing on the experience of flying alone or with others, in a light, quick, fast-paced, air-combat style.” Available on July 29 on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch, the game will allow you to play alone or with friends.

Some of the features of Skydrift Infinity:

  • Eight Modern Planes to Fly: Choose from eight modern, state-of-the-art airplanes turned into killing machines, each with four different skins for a total of 32 unique racing skins.
  • Six Power-ups: Capture up to two different powers in your plane’s arsenal, then collect upgrades to increase the strength of those existing powers. Strategy becomes key as you must choose which powers to keep, which ones to upgrade, and which ones to convert into Boost energy
  • Stunning Visuals: Race through scenic venues like the Grand Canyon, Alaskan Terrain, and the Hawaiian Islands, created with beautiful, vibrant colors.
  • 8-person Multiplayer: Take your friends down online in a fast and furious battle.
  • Three Unique Game Modes: Power Race Mode is high-speed racing paired with power-ups; Speed Race Mode where players navigate the course through ring targets that accelerate plane speed and Survival Mode where pilots race against the countdown clock and each other.
  • Splitscreen mode: For your local multiplayer action!