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Nintendo unveils the OLED Switch for $350, on sale October 8th

by: John -
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After many, many rumors, it's finally official. Nintendo has finally announced the OLED version of the Nintendo Switch. It's the same design as the regular Switch and the trailer shows it off in a white color scheme. There will be black version as well as seen on Nintendo's website.

It's got a multi-level adjustable stand letting you have many different angles to sit it on. The dock has a wired Ethernet port now for those of us that would rather plug it in than go wireless, like me.

Storage gets a bump from 32GB to 64GB on this one.

No word on if it's using a different NVIDIA chip yet, but we might hear about that maybe in the coming months, perhaps from NVIDIA.

The big jump though is the bright OLED 7" display that will be on the console giving you rich colors and the deepest of blacks. It should make a ton of games pop and really make the games look good.

The OLED Switch will be on sale on October 8th for a price of $350, or $50 over the regular version. That's not bad at all since you're getting a nicer screen and storage increase.