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Moonlighter headlines July Stadia Pro games

by: Eric -
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Stadia seems to have settled down into a cadence of four pro games a month - though other goodies still seem to creep into the mix randomly. This month, Moonlighter is the big draw in the Free with Pro program. For those that are still unfamiliar, Moonlighter puts players in the shoes of a shopkeeper who must delve into a nearby dungeon to find stuff to sell at their shop. It's part management sim, part rogue-lite. People love it.

Terraria is also coming into the mix this month, after the ridiculous controversy that saw Re-Logic founder Andrew Spinks cancelling the game when he became upset over a snafu with his personal Google account. Looks like they got that all settled down, just in time for the ten-years-old-but-still-insanely-popular Terraria to be included in July's lineup. 

The Darkside Detective also makes its way to Pro, which is probably the title I'm personally most excited for. I love the retro look and feel of this mystery series, and I'm looking forward to diving into it over the weekend.

Rounding out the collection is Street Power Football, a Stadia Makers title that seems to be a mash-up of sports and...dancing, maybe? I don't know, check out the trailer and see what you think: