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VR tabletop RPG Demeo expands the adventure with free Realm of the Rat King DLC

by: Eric -
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Demeo, the VR tabletop RPG game, allows players to sit around a table and play a virtual tabletop game, complete with special effects and automated enemies. But as we all know, there are only so many times you can play through the same adventure before players start falling off. Luckily, the developers at Resolution Games have a solution. Resolution will be releasing free content packs - modules, if you will - for Demeo to keep the game fresh. The first content pack dropped yesterday, and it looks fantastic.

Realm of the Rat King, the first free content DLC for Demeo, takes players on an adventure into the sewers to kill (what else?) rats. But of course, there's more than just rodents lurking down in the tunnels; poison fungus, an evil Gorgon, and more will stand in the way of you and your friends. Luckily, Demeo is also providing new cards and abilities to combat the darkness, including the new Torch and Antitoxin cards. Take a look at this second gameplay trailer to see how it all fits together in action:

Demeo is now available from the Oculus Store or Steam VR for $29.99 USD. To learn more about Demeo, visit www.resolutiongames.com/demeo.