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HexGaming releases fully modular eSports controller for PS5

by: Rob -
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"Only the bad carpenter blames his tools." Or at least that was the saying I heard growing up. What does it mean? Well, it doesn't mean that tools don't matter they do. It does mean that a good carpenter will either also know how to select good tools, or at least overcome the limitations of the bad ones. 

When it comes to eSports, a god-tier controller isn't going to make you a great player, but maybe it could give you that edge over the opponent with similar skill and lesser tools? The latest entry into the top tier market, the Hex Rival for PS5 by HexGaming. What difference might this controller make in the real world? I haven't a clue because I don't have one in my hands and dropping over $250 on a controller is not in my budget (Amazon actually listing it higher, at $290 at time of publishing this post). But if you want to give this puppy a try, it seems to offer a ton of marketing bullet points that are most straightforwardly summarized as:

  • A 6-in-1 interchangeable thumb stick design of 3 different height sticks and 2 different ergonomic thumb grip designs - domed or concave.
  • Re-mappable rear paddles that can be mapped to 15 different face buttons.
  • Decreased movement on L1/R1 and L2/R2 buttons to create hair triggers. Travel distance reduced from 1.2 and 7mm down to 0.5 and 2mm. 

So it's a PS5 controller, with thumb sticks that can be adjusted on the fly and rear paddles. The neat thing to me is that they claim to be "made using authentic PS5 controllers." So the guts at the center would be an official product with some customized face plating and a bit of software to map to the underside paddles. Neat. The Hex Rival comes with the Controller, 6-in-1 interchangeable thumbsticks, and a manual. Full press release is after the read more link below. 

The Ultimate eSports Controller is Now Available – The HexGaming HEX Rival for PS5
Outplay the Competition with Fully Modular Controller Customized Specifically
for eSports Gamers
Shenzhen, China, JUNE 16, 2021 – Anyone competing in eSports competitions, whether professionally or against friends, knows that the right controller can make the difference between victory and defeat. Players wanting an advantage can now turn to the HexGaming Hex Rival for PlayStation 5, the ultimate eSports controller. The controller is available beginning today at HexGaming.com and at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B095YDYVS3 starting from $249.99.
The HexGaming HEX RIVAL Controller for PS5 is a fully modular video game controller made using authentic PS5 controllers customized specifically for eSports Gamers. Made with an innovative modular design, users can switch components in and out to fit their hands to adapt to different playing styles and specific games, while increasing control for an optimal performance.  Using an ergonomic layout, the HEX Rival Controller is super comfortable to use, especially for gamers who like to play for longer periods of time.
Key features include:
  • Six-in-One interchangeable thumbsticks with 3 different heights.
  • Two different ergonomic thumb grip designs - domed or concave.
  • Ability for gamers to operate the controller flexibly, capture targets faster and improve accuracy (giving players the edge in FPS games with better aiming).
  • Option to activate the remap program during the game and assign a maximum of 15 buttons (X, O, Triangle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, L3, R3, Touchpad) to the rear buttons.
  • Interchangeable thumbsticks to play wired or wireless - switch thumbsticks in seconds, and remappable rear buttons configurations on the fly. With this highly engineered controller, the standard for top-notch gameplay has been elevated.
“With competitive eSports continuing to grow in popularity and even regular gamers playing with friends and family online, having the right controller is crucial for players of all skill levels,” said Ray Zhu, CEO of HexGaming.  “Whether playing for big money prizes or simply trying to get bragging rights, the Hex Rival for PlayStation 5 can help put you on top of the leaderboard.”
The Hex Rival package comes complete with the RIVAL Controller, 6 in 1 interchangeable thumbsticks, user manual, after-sales service card, three kinds of height and two ergonomic designs for movement control or accuracy, for different hand sizes to fit any playstyle.   Users can add comfort and grip with components that fit their controller's look and feel, while the backplate improves comfort and control.
Using a hair trigger response, Hex Rival players have more control over their game and be able to take action faster when they need it most as the controller decreases the trigger’s activate distance to just 2mm.  All gamers have to do is press slightly to instantly launch a full fast shoot to save valuable time in competitive games.
HexGaming is an offshoot company of ExtremeRate Limited. eXtremeRate has nearly ten years of experience in customized gamepads and has leveraged its experience in innovative custom solutions to give gamers an entirely new brand for creating their controller, HexGaming. HexGaming provides prebuilt customized esports controllers for gamers to peak performance.
To enhance the gaming experience and elevate the game, HexGaming offers a variety of styles and functional customization such as front and back shell, thumbsticks interchangeable area, trigger control mechanism, ergonomic back buttons, etc. Using the HEXGAMING controller allows gamers to compete like a gaming pro. More information is available at www.HexGaming.com.