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E3 2021: Sable gameplay is every bit as chill as I could hope for

by: Randy -
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I've been watching Sable for a few years now. Its Moebius-like art style, Japanese Breakfast soundtrack, and attentions paid to exploration over extermination earned it a spot on my Most Anticipated Games of 2019 list. Two-thousand nineteen. I mean, I was being hopeful and naive about a release date arriving so soon. But I was not harmed during the making of Sable, so I'm not complaining too loudly that now Sable has a release date: September 23, 2021.

Three months!

In this gameplay trailer, I'm still loving the painted desert, still loving the cozy-Star-Wars-with-a-picket-fence vibe, still loving the I-just-got-my-driver-license sense of freedom that comes from your relaxed speeder bike travels. Tossing up low rooster tails of dust, you swerve past an ancient hut in a palm-leafed oasis. Mushroom clouds of windswept balancing rocks. Giant prisons of rib cages. There's the desertpunk glow of internal machinery and watercolor torchlight. The twist of chimney smoke curling up into the sky like tree branches. And the shadows from a setting sun pulling themselves up over the landscape like bedsheets. 

See? This game gets me thinking and talking all artsy and it's annoying. I need this game right now. Well, I need it on September 23, I suppose. After three years, three more months won't kill me.