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Terra Nil is an entirely different kind of post-apocalypse

by: Randy -
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Too many stories talk about the post-apocalypse. But what about the post-post-apocalypse? The party after the afterparty? That's the twist in Terra Nil. Society has gone too far, and we didn't come up with the science in time to find an equilibrium with our planet. We've wasted the land. It's dead. Our callow nature built a calloused nature—except nature lost. 

But it's time to rebuild. This time the right way. We're taking the dry, dusty, scarred landscape and turning it, once more, into an idyllic Eden. We don't have to scour the universe for other planets to terraform. This planet is the only one we've got. I hope the astronomers keep doing their thing. I hope we keep reaching for the stars. But for now, let's figure out how to transform this thing we've destroyed into something we've healed. (Cue up the music to start singing "Take these broken wings, and learn to fly again." Thank you, Mr. Mister.)

I love this trailer. It goes from bunnies and honey bees to bones and barren creek beds. With just the wind, because that's basically all the nature we have left, it then harnesses that invisible force to be a force for rebirth. You can see the ground breathe for the first time in a long time when you place a generator. The rivers refill with crystal waters and greenery springs up on all sides as waterfalls gush out from the buildings you place. It's completely backwards from every city builder I've ever played. And it's about time.

Terra Nil is coming to PC sometime in the TBD future.