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New Stadia trailer gives first look at Death Carnival gameplay

by: Eric -
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Death Carnival, the new 2v2 multiplayer PVP game from Furyion Studios, is coming soon to PC and Stadia. While there is no release date yet, Furyion dropped this video today to give players a sneak peek at PVP gameplay:

Furyion seems to be pretty amped up about the way Stadia runs the game. Herbert Yung, Furyion's studio director, says "Achieving a high frame rate is essential for Death Carnival's vision of a fluid, fast-paced multiplayer combat experience, and we spared no effort to make that happen. On Stadia, this means we can utilize more graphical features and higher resolution, while also having a super stable 60FPS through every aspect of the gameplay. Full crossplay also means anyone can jump into Stadia with a click and instantly play with their friends."

We'll have more on Death Carnival as additional details emerge.