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Vertigo details the enemies and combat in After the Fall

by: Eric -
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After the Fall, currently being developed by Vertigo Games, is scheduled to arrive on most major VR platforms later this year. As a fan of VR shooters - particularly those that allow multiplayer - I'm really excited for this one to land. 

In a new video dropped yesterday, Vertigo gave fans a closer look at After the Fall's enemies and combat, focusing on the "Snowbreed", a new type of zombie that appears in L.A. after it freezes solid. Though the video doesn't mention them, an accompanying PR releases details a few other enemy types: "Prowling among the snowbreed are the Juggernaut, the Eater and the Smasher, who will stop at nothing to keep your Harvest runs challenging." Keep a close eye on the video and you can spot these guys in the crowd.

Gaming Nexus is keeping a close eye on After the Fall, so expect more news on the game as we get closer to launch.