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King's Orders aims to make medieval warfare more realistic

by: Elliot -
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King’s Orders is a unique take on the traditional strategy game. In most games you see results almost instantly; moving troops across fields, sending a messenger to form a treaty, marrying off your daughter for land rights. In King’s Orders you wait for all of that to happen, just like in real life. Sometimes a messenger doesn’t make it across enemy lines. Sometimes troops lose battle and you don’t find out till much later. Sometimes the land you get is just a swamp and you were better off letting your daughter marry for love.

Some of the features in King’s Orders:

  • A simplified historical strategy game with a twist. Rule your kingdom, give orders by sending letters to your generals, and make decisions based on the reports you receive.
  • Real medieval war scenarios. From the Hundred Years’ War, through the Battle of Grunwald, and to the Wars of the Roses.
  • The grand campaign allowing you to become the ruler of any medieval kingdom of Europe.
  • Magnified realism and a deeper level of immersion. Deal with the lack of battle preview in real-time and the fact that messengers with your orders might never reach their destination.
  • Loyalty and morale system that impacts gameplay. Monitor your generals’ attitude as they will help you stifle potential rebellion that might occur if you keep making unpopular decisions.
  • Kingdom economy to be handled. Gold gained will give you various opportunities. Will you train more troops or focus on fortifying? You decide what kind of ruler you are and how you’re going to manage your realm.