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New Han Solo table appears in the Star Wars Pinball VR basement

by: Eric -
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It is no secret that I love Zen Studio's Star Wars Pinball, and I absolutely swooned over April's Star Wars Pinball VR. Swooned, I tell you, like a 1940's noir film starlet. In my review, I said that "each of the tables offers hours of fun, and Zen provides a ton of ways to interact with them. The “basement cave” framing device provides a great extra layer of reward for engaging with the game. Recommended without reservation." 

Well, that 9.5 score is creeping ever closer to a 10 with the completely unexpected release of a new Han Solo table, which has just been added to the game as a free update. I had no idea that Zen was going to update this title at all, but here we are just a month or so later, and an entire new table (and accompanying basement goodies) has been added. Check it out:

Not to be confused with the Solo table (based on the 2018 film), this new table "is a nerf-herding tribute to the Classic Trilogy’s original lovable rogue, with a focus on pure physics, speed, and shooting. Go for high scores alongside Han and Chewie, and experience intense moments like the dangerous asteroid field chase in the enhanced immersion of VR. You’ll also unlock new Fan Cave customization options dedicated to the greatest scoundrel in the galaxy."

Not only that, but Zen has promised "more exciting surprises in the near future." Yes please, I would like more exciting surprises. In the meantime, pinball fans can get psyched for Pinball FX, Zen's new pinball platform designed specifically for next-gen platforms, which will be releasing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X\S, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games Store later this year.