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Post apocalyptic Punk Wars heads to PC

by: Elliot -
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Punk Wars tells the story of four new powers emerging from the ashes of a global cataclysm and fighting for domination on the ruins of a once magnificent megacity.” Punk Wars is an upcoming single player, combat heavy, turned based strategy game from Strategy Forge and is published by Jujubee. You’ll have the chance to give the game a try during the upcoming Steam Next Fest (June 16-22). You can also add the game to your Steam wishlist.

You’ll have the chance to take control of one of the four factions: Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, or Steelpunk. Each has a unique skill set to help you win. “Become the powerful leader of the messianic steampunk, tenebrous dieselpunk, militaristic steelpunk, or technocratic atompunk, with each faction holding the key to a different branch of industrial science, with a different set of unique skills. Explore the ruins of a bygone civilization, where resources are scarce and the dangers way too common.”

Punk Wars is coming sometime in 2021 to Windows, Mac, and Linux.