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Yoooo...is that Guillermo on the new Werewolves Within trailer?

by: Eric -
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The new trailer for Ubisoft/IFC Film's horror comedy Werewolves Within dropped today, and I immediately spotted Harvey Guillen, the wonderful actor that plays vampire familiar/slayer Guillermo on the fantastic FX What We Do in the Shadows show.

In fact, there are a lot of familiar faces in this new trailer, which really locks in on the new film's comedic take on the Ubisoft social deduction VR game. Despite all the jokes, there is a real John Carpenter's The Thing vibe to this storyline, with small town folks locked together in a cold, barren landscape, not knowing who is a werewolf and who is just an innocent bystander. I'm taking bets now that at some point in the film everybody freaks out and guns down a non-werewolf.

Werewolves Within releases in theaters June 25th and on demand July 2nd. Will Gaming Nexus dip a toe into film criticism for this one? You know, I think we just might.