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Legend of Keepers now available on PC, Stadia, and Switch

by: Eric -
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Okay, so I'm going to hop into the wayback machine here for a second, but somehow I missed the fact that Legend of Keepers released on Stadia, Switch, and PC last month. I was keeping an eye on Goblinz Studio's dungeon defender, but it slid right past me. 

So here, check out the launch trailer for what looks to be a wickedly good time:

Legend of Keepers challenges players to assemble a workforce of monsters to protect The Dungeon Company from an endless flow of invading heroes. This is mostly done by laying insidious traps, unleashing terrifying monsters, and deploying wicked attacks - usually accompanied by blaring metal music. Righeous.

In addition to Stadia and Switch, you can snag Legend of Keepers from Steam, Epic Game Store, GOG, and Humble Bundle