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Games N Moorer gets hacked to pieces by the Hauter buzzsaw in Knockout City

by: Eric -
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Gaming Nexus took to the Games N Moorer's streamwaves last night to check out Knockout City, EA's fantastic new competitive multiplayer dodgeball game. While we had some technical issues with the stream, we just kept playing, because Knockout City is ridiculous fun. Joseph finally got the stream stabilized enough to go live - just in time for our epic final match.

All night long, we were forced to play 3v2 matches, because our sixth player wasn't able to make the stream. In every match, the team with three players dominated the two-player teams, despite some valiantly fought battles. During the last match of the night, I (Freezedried72) was teamed with my son Aidan (UnlikeAnyHero), against everyone else. In the first major upset of the night, we pulled out a decisive victory. In the heavily demanded rematch, Joseph's team of three comported themselves slightly better, winning the first round. But in the end, they could not stand up to the steam-shovel of pain that was the Hauter dreamteam.

I'm clearly excited by this win, but that's just because I am traditionally terrible at competitive games. Knockout City is something different - a game that even suckers like me can enjoy. While there is a ton of smack talk going on in that video, it's clear that all five of us had a blast playing Knockout City last night. By the time this video aired, we had been playing for a couple of hours, and can attest that EA and Velan have a winner here. Expect a review on Gaming Nexus in the next few days. Spoiler: it's going to be positive. Very.

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